Maine Cabin

This box was a commissioned gift for the cabins owners. Looking closely to the right of the door there are five luna months which are as they were in the photos provided.

Riding Desk “Take Me For a Ride”

Here is an old, weathered log barn located somewhere in the West. On this bright sunny day the viewer looks through the open dogtrot to view a beautiful valley with snow-capped mountains in the distance. In the foreground stands a palomino looking back at the viewer. Sure looks like a great day for a ride.…

Riding Desk “Clean Sweep”

Inside the open doors of this nice and simple American barn is a Morgan peering out of its stall at a broom someone has left after sweeping out the barn floor. Looking in the back door of the stall the viewer will see the horse using its tail to sweep its back.

Moulton Jewelry Barn

Situated on Antelope Flats overlooking the Snake River Valley and the Tetons in Jackson Hole, the location of the Moulton Barn is simply exquisite. Considered the most photographed barn in North America, it is a beautiful example of early Western architecture. The original Moulton barn has been brought to life in the Moulton Jewelry Barn…

Bob’s Booze Supply

Bob’s Supply is a truck, mining, and ranch equipment junkyard near the Utah/Idaho border. The neglected premises and faded lettering speak of the difficulty many people have making a go of it in the West, particularly in the arid West. Bob’s Booze Supply is a liquor box, a good place to go after a long,…