Through a varied assortment of studies and pursuits Tom has gained a background uniquely suited to designing and building wood stairs and furniture. Growing up in the historic towns of Lyme and Wethersfield Connecticut, surrounded by early American history, he developed a keen interest in the architecture, furniture, craftsmanship, and patience of our forbearers. Since studying at the California College of Arts and Crafts (BFA ’78) and the Lyme Academy College of Fine Art, he has built boats, energy-efficient homes, custom furniture, period reproductions, and has worked for more than thirty-five years building one-of-a-kind custom stairs. Working with architects, contractors, landscape designers, and owners, each custom stair and piece of furniture is built with individual attention to its requirements and function, always striving to make each piece exceed the customers’ expectations.

Tom currently serves on the Board of the Maine Crafts Association.